Elsmog vs Feng shui

Feng shui is an important way to design Your life for better energy.
But, in modern times/homes, natural energy is no longer the dominating force – it is instead electrosmog … which needs to be prio 1 in energy measures in Your life.

The rapid development of technology has become a big part of Our everyday life – sometimes intimately. When a dominating force like this is implemented that quickly we usually lack regulations and human awareness to assess if we want this in Our lives … and, if so, how.

For 99% of human history (and evolving) we lived without this technology (and man made energy/radiation) and were adapted to nature/the environment (the dominating energy). Ancient experts knew this and created Life guidance like Taoism, Ayurveda and Feng shui. [1]

Feng shui (wind & water) represent the flow of Life energy (Qi) and teaches us how to adapt our lives to have flow & harmony (good energy) instead of blockages and disharmony that creates unhappiness and disease.
One concept of Feng shui is the Balance (of all the components) in Life, and that is represented by Yin and Yang (depicted as this famous symbol)

The Feng Shui energy map, known as the Bagua, divides any space into 8+1 areas, each corresponding to a different life aspect (e.g. Wealth, Career, Relationship). It is used for design and location of a building and the interior of the building (Your home).

Electrosmog (elsmog) is a polluting & disturbing form of natural electromagnetism (that is omnipresent and enabling life) → electrosmog has the potential to fundamentally disrupt all organisms and basic functions. This risk and disruption has increased rapidly during the 2000’s, and so has the severe health problems related to it. [2.1]
The main (elsmog)exposure today is RF radiation from routers, phones and most ”smart” devices (and all the public antennae outside Your homes)
… as shown in the picture below.

Picture from EHT https://ehtrust.org/educate-yourself/ten-steps-to-safe-tech/

Comparing forces – nature vs Wi-Fi

Qi is powerful (main components are Earth & Sun energy) but how does it compare to elsmog. This is a simplified comparison to show a big difference:

Output power (W) mW/m2:0,00000000120 (avg)
Connection/Exposure … 300 years ago
… and today
20mW/m2 (of elsmog power) is an estimated average value based upon modern homes and behaviour. Ex: A router goes up to 100mW/m2, and a smartphone can easily average 10mW/m2 (with peaks over 1000).
The % wants to show that modern humans are more exposed (and sometimes closer connected) to Wi-Fi than to nature.
Ref: Experts say that 0,003mW/m2 could be safe. EU has 10000 as ”safe” limit.

Also, W is just one elsmog-factor. We can add two more to the equation:
Quality/character: Signals today are more disturbing than 15 years ago.
Integration: With 5G/6G the technology (and radiation!) is more & more integrated into our bodies and mind. [2.2]

So … since this is impossible to quantify into numbers (209+1+1+1+1?) 🙂
we can simply state that the signal power from elsmog is 20 billion times stronger than signals preferred by nature (and Our bodies) + that we add at least four other factors that make the exposure even more unhealthy.

Regardless, the (important) key message is:
Elsmog is a dominant health-factor and needs to be handled now.
Partly because it is much more dominant than natural energy or Qi, partly because elsmog today is very aggressive and invasive.

Yes, work with Feng shui (and other Energy-boosters) as well to manifest Qi, but unless we neutralise elsmog we can’t achieve full Qi (or good health).

Good luck.

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