Elsmog: Rapport

Report: Published 2019-04-19

Electrosmog impact on
environment and climate

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Life as we know it, and all the planetary systems, are possible due to the incredible functions and forces of energy & electromagnetism. This fundamental platform covers everything from the ”global electrical circuit” to subtle signals within Your body.

About 100 years ago humans modified electromagnetism, thereby introducing a new paradigm in human impact on nature as a whole (including humans).

The modified versions of electromagnetism with destructive impact are pollution = electrosmog.

Since electrosmog is a (dirty) part of the fundamental platform it has the potential to impact anything … from tiny insects to the atmosphere.

The major part of electrosmog today is wireless microwave communication, including Wi-Fi = factor W.

Factor W is often significant wherever negative impact is. The health impact is widely confirmed, and a growing number of studies also show the  environmental impact:

  1. Amphibians (like frogs) are going extinct, and a big increase of deformed frogs is a clear warning sign since amphibians in general are good indicators of local environment status.
  2. Birds and flying insects have shown extra impact due to their many electromagnetic functions and that they sometimes are in “line of fire”. Several studies show impact on bees specifically.
  3. Vegetation (crops and trees). Trees show poor growth, smaller leaves and decline/premature death. Trees play many important roles – from mycorrhiza (micro-level) to climate regulation (macro-level).

Even climate is affected, usually through atmospheric impact:

  1. Electron impact in the ionosphere → depleting the ozone layer + direct heating of the ionosphere.
  2. Molecule impact in the troposphere – primarily water molecules in all phases
    (including potential of both direct and indirect warming).
  3. Rocket launches (for placement & maintenance of satellites) which at all altitudes emit i.e. water vapour and soot (black carbon). Vapour has a much bigger climate effect than carbon dioxide, and the effect from soot is even bigger still. + Satellite signals add electrosmog in the ionosphere.

Water is almost as important as the energy factor, since it has many diverse properties and interacts with both biosphere and atmosphere (climate regulator). Water is impacted by factor W in many ways – molecules may be altered, or ”just” rotated (creating heat). Heat transfer is interesting since water has a very high warming capacity, and water vapour is the most important greenhouse gas.

Biodiversity (also a climate regulator) is clearly impacted by factor W, and experts say that we have entered ”the 6th mass extinction” (which is manmade for the first time).

Due to increased amount of signals and modification, factor W has increased as well. The increase can be simplified and summarized in a table as ”levels of impact”: 

5G is already being introduced in ”test” cities, usually small scale but without public consent, which has created some resistance (especially when trees are cut down due to 5G interference).

Scientists and experts strongly warn about 5G, since it will increase all the destructive impact from 3G/4G: Many more signals (including 20.000 satellites = 3D exposure), and more disturbing signals.  Therefore, 5G techniques and introduction methods sometimes are in violation of several international treaties.

Experts, individuals and even some decision makers take a stand. But there is one group usually missing: Environmental workers (civil servants, climate officials, non profit organisations). The reason is usually that factor W is not labeled as an environmental issue … when in fact it is one of the biggest.

It is time for a new paradigm … and the global environmental movement may be the key to success.

A positive ending: Unlike persistent toxic chemicals, electrosmog disappears immediately when turned off. So it’s never too late to turn off, but the sooner the better … and 5G should not be turned on at all.

With good intention and kind regards

/ Jimmy Lindsjö, author of this report (this is the official website).

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